Saturday, December 20, 2008 is up

So, Bernie was quick and gave me access to our new server where just finished installing AMO by translating the instructions here to Intrepid. Everything ran smoothly and we have it up and running now:

This is in early test stages and data will be often cleared as we install new versions. The main intent of this public server is for the people that wish to get involved in this effort to have a common place where to put their advances.

Stuff left to do:

- Fix search
- Fix downloads
- Lots of testing, debugging and fixing
- Upstream all patches that can make easier future rebases (and have a chance of being accepted)
- Choose a domain name, I'm not sure 'addons' is the best one
- Translate our new strings
- Change the design accordingly to the Sugar image
- ...

People interested in joining could take the namespace and set up some pages to coordinate themselves. Or maybe somewhere inside . The skills required are those of a php web developer.

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