Thursday, December 11, 2008

Again a volunteer

Monday was my last day as a contractor for OLPC. Has been hard to work with these guys but now I feel grateful that for almost two years I have been given the chance to work together with them in so many hard issues. They for sure have many interesting challenges to tackle and the technical ones aren't by far the most difficult.

I'm not going very far for some time, though. My plan now is to keep working in Sugar as a volunteer for as long as my savings last. Just as I was a volunteer for OLPC before they contracted me.

As I have written recently here, many people and organizations outside from OLPC have shown enormous interest in Sugar as a learning platform, so my goal now is to make possible for as many people to collaborate in SugarLabs as it can be. We need more deployers, developers, testers, writers, educators, designers,... and I trust we are on the right path to offer them a place where everybody can play. Be from local labs or the global SugarLabs.

So I'm happy because now I'll be able to focus all my energy on improving Sugar and help taking it to more children. Now I need to stop blogging nonsense and go back coding ;)

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