Monday, April 11, 2011

Session on GObject Introspection at the Ubuntu App Developer Week

The talk will be oriented to developers that use or want to use GNOME technologies and still haven't fully grasped how GObject Introspection is changing the game. It won't contain any distro specificities, so join without fear even if you don't use Ubuntu, if it's of your interest.

It should be of special interest to those willing to contribute to GNOME Shell or that plan to attend Martin Pitt's talk about life after PyGTK this Tuesday at 16 UTC.

You can find instructions about how to join in the link below, plus other interesting talks:

See you later today at 17 UTC.

Friday, April 8, 2011

GNOME 3 at Prague

Tomorrow we'll hold a GNOME 3 Launch Party here in Prague and between interesting and even controversial talks, I will be talking a bit about the changes in the development story that happened during GNOME 3.

See you there!


GObject-Introspection hackfest

Following the success of the two last PyGObject hackfests, the idea of having one focused on GObject-introspection has been floating for a while.

After enough people agreed it could be a good idea, I have created a page in the wiki to start filling in the details. We should have a good provisional list of goals and participants before we get to things such as the place and date, which will be better decided once we have the participant list.

So if you are planning to do some work on GObject-introspection that would benefit from happening in the hackfest, please add it to the goals list in the wiki.

If you won't be able to work on it yourself but you think something should really happen in the near future, please add it to the comments in this blog post.

I know we can count on consultancies such as my employer Collabora to sponsor the hackfest, but I would like to encourage downstreams to send their hackers and show they care, are able and deserve more good will.