Friday, February 10, 2012

PyGObject gets a splash of new blood

Things as they are, few hackers get to work on the same project their whole life. No matter how deep one has been involved in a project, and how much effort was put in, there are many reasons why at some point one may decide to distance from it.

For different reasons, the people who have been maintaining PyGObject for the last couple of years (since the move to introspection) aren't currently using it much any more, which isn't ideal because it means they can allocate less time to maintenance and also lack the guidance of their own motivation.

Fortunately for PyGObject, a bunch of heroic hackers have stepped forward to take the responsibility of maintaining it:
  • Martin Pitt
  • Paolo Borelli
  • Ignacio Casal Quintero
  • Sebastian Pölsterl
For now I remain listed in the .doap file, but as I'm not using PyGObject myself any more (even though Collabora sponsors some of my time working on PyGObject), my involvement will be limited to occasional patches and code reviews as I find time.

My thanks and admiration to those who have maintained PyGObject in the past:
  • Johan Dahlin
  • James Henstridge
  • John (J5) Palmieri
  • Simon van der Linden
  • Zach Goldberg
  • Gustavo J Carneiro
  • Paul Pogonyshev
  • Gian Mario Tagliaretti
To end, just note that Martin is using his address, so I assume that Canonical is sponsoring his work as maintainer upstream, so kudos to them as well.


Gustavo Carneiro said...

Good luck, and sorry to be out of touch the last few years! :P First I needed to finish the PhD thesis (now finished, waiting for defense), and then I get urgent work, and multiple additional side-projects...

I hope to be able to return to PyGtk hacking some day, when life is less crazy.

Tomeu Vizoso said...

@Gustavo: I think you will find it fun, nowadays there's less repetitive work to do when maintaining bindings, but there's several interesting challenges ahead :)