Monday, February 20, 2012

Progress on generating Python API docs from introspection

The Docs hackfest in Brno is nearing to an end and I think enough progress has happened on generating API reference from introspection to warrant a report.

To see the current state, check the Telepathy-GLib reference generated here for Python.

Tomorrow morning will work on fixing some issues in the GIR files such as enum docs not making to it and then I will head home.

I'm not likely to work further on this, so if you think it can be of use to you, please consider lending a hand and contribute bugfixes and features. And if you don't like the design or the layout, just change it :)

Hope you have as much fun with this as I have had!

Once more, thanks to the GNOME Foundation, Red Hat and Collabora for sponsoring this work.

Below you can get a glance of what has been progressed on during these days, here is the changelog:
  • Add some more stuff to Enum pages
  • Display the hierarchy tree for classes
  • Install the Mako template files
  • Add AM_CHECK_PYMOD macro and use it to check for Mako
  • Remove stale DocBook files
  • Properly link to property pages
  • Fix names of xref links
  • Move constructor example to follow the class doc body
  • Properly link to signal pages
  • Fix the id of signal pages for Python
  • Qualify the class name in the constructor with the module name
  • Add links to properties in the constructor
  • Fix link
  • Show how to construct instances in the Class page
  • Add details for properties in Python
  • Add param information to signal pages in Python
  • Implement intra-namespace cross references
  • Use instances of MallardFormatter* instead of class methods
  • Remove some occurrences of empty Returns: lines
  • use True and False instead of %TRUE and %FALSE
  • Remove module and class from the function signature
  • Use template caching
  • Use None instead of %NULL
  • Use the ctype for the return type in signatures
  • Display Returns: even if there's no args
  • Update expected, some whitespace was removed
  • Add Since: tag to classes
  • Add Since: tag to mallard docs
  • Add function argument docs to the C template
  • Add argument docs to the Python template
  • Don't instantiate MallardFormatter for unknown languages
  • Update expected mallard for the doc tests


John (J5) Palmieri said...

Awesome work keeping this alive Tomeu! Wish I could have been there.

Tomeu Vizoso said...

@John: Next time! You are missing too much fun :)