Saturday, June 19, 2010

Proposed GNOME goal: Port your PyGTK to the new PyGI bindings

Javier Jardón has proposed this goal, which hopefully will make more prominent the convenience of starting to port your app from the old APIs as soon as possible.

If we fail to get a solid Python story in GNOME 3.0, it will be much more painful to do the porting in subsequent GNOME 3.x releases.

We still need many more people starting to port their apps and filing bugs (even better with patches!). And before you think it's too soon, read this bugzilla comment:

My app is a complex pygtk
program and with some, small change now is running with pygi,
i have errors in parts like "event.type == gtk.gdk.KEY_PRESS " or
actionGroup = gtk.ActionGroup("Actions")

but is running fast almost perfectly.

So we aren't perfect yet, but we're already useful and fast.

As an aside, I have heard through the grapevine that during GUADEC 2010 several people will meet to hack on introspection and PyGI. So if you want to have some of the PyGI hackers in the same room when you port your app, keep an eye on this and J5's blog for updates.

Thanks to Collabora for sponsoring my presence in GUADEC and to all the people who are working to make it possible.

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John (J5) Palmieri said...

ActionGroups should work though it need to be changed to either:

actionGroup ="Actions")


actionGroup = gtk.ActionGroup(name="Actions")