Friday, June 11, 2010

New PyGObject unstable release: 2.21.2

PyGObject has seen a new release, see the announcement below.

I have started lending a hand to Gian Mario with the release but we are still very short-handed. If you care about Python and GNOME and know a bit of C and Python, please consider helping with patch reviews and general patch herding:


I am pleased to announce version 2.21.2 of the Python bindings for GObject.

The new release is available from as and its mirrors
as soon as its synced correctly:

What's new since PyGObject 2.21.1?
- Drop sinkfuncs. (Tomeu Vizoso)
- Clear error if we failed the import (Colin Walters)
- Added missing , to keyword list of gio.GFile.set_attribute
(John Ehresman)
- Fix arg conversion in gio.GFile.set_attribute (John Ehresman)
- Set constants under python 2.5 or before (John Ehresman)
- Doc Extractor: Use replacements that make sense for &...;
expressions. (José Alburquerque)
- Add build docs for windows (John Stowers)
- cosmetic tidy (John Stowers)
- Fix crash when importing gio (John Stowers)
- Bug 589671 - Dont use generate-constants (John Stowers)
- Bug 589671 - Fix for windows build (John Stowers)
- Include pygsource.h (John Stowers)
- codegen/ One more &...; replacement
( ). (José Alburquerque)
- codegen/ Replace some &..; that cause
errors. (José Alburquerque)
- codegen/ Handle C++ multi-line comments.
(José Alburquerque)
- codegen/ Stop final section processing on first
match. (José Alburquerque)
- Update doc extraction tool to handle GObjectIntrospection
annotations. (José Alburquerque)
- Docs: replace gio.IO_ERROR_* with gio.ERROR_* (Paul Bolle)
- Bug 613341 - pygobject tests seem to require pygtk causing a
circular (Gian Mario)
- Don't raise an error in _pygi_import if pygi support is
disabled (Simon van der Linden)
- Initialize PyGPollFD_Type.fd_obj to NULL (Tomeu Vizoso)
- Bug 605937 - pygobject: sets $TMPDIR, disrupting
distcc (Gian Mario)
- Wrap gio.Cancellable.make_pollfd() and add a test (Gian Mario)
- Make cancellable an optional parameter in many methods (Gian


GObject is a object system library used by GTK+ and GStreamer.

PyGObject provides a convenient wrapper for the GObject library for use
in Python programs, and takes care of many of the boring details such as
managing memory and type casting. When combined with PyGTK, PyORBit and
gnome-python, it can be used to write full featured Gnome applications.

Like the GObject library itself PyGObject is licensed under the
GNU LGPL, so is suitable for use in both free software and proprietary
applications. It is already in use in many applications ranging
from small single purpose scripts up to large full
featured applications.

PyGObject requires glib >= 2.22.4 and Python >= 2.3.5 to build.
GIO bindings require glib >= 2.22.4.

Please remember that this is an unstable release and shouldn't be used
in production.


The PyGObject team

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