Friday, June 4, 2010

New PyGI release: 0.6.0

PyGI has seen a new release, follows the announcement:

Hi all,

this new release brings several new features and bug fixes and we feel application authors will have an easier time porting their software to use introspection. To mark this usability milestone we have started the 0.6.x series.

Apart from further feature and stability work, you can expect compatibility with Python 3.x in a future 0.6.x release.

This release adds a dependency on gobject-introspection 0.6.14 or newer.

== Changes ==

* Added overrides for better compatibility with the old API:
GtkUIManager and GtkActionGroup
* Improved callback support
* Support for G*Array arguments
* Support for caller-allocates

== Join the effort! ==

Any feedback is welcome and the PyGI community will be happy to assist any porting efforts in the mailing lists mentioned below, in the #pygi IRC channel in Freenode and in GNOME's bugzilla:

Internals development mailing list:

Application development mailing list:

Known issues:

Enter a new report:

Main wiki page:




John (J5) Palmieri (10)

* support for caller-allocates annotations for structs
* don't import gobject directly in the tests
* fix up Builder override, add new override methods, and add unit tests
* check refcounting of callback userdata in unit tests
* correctly handle floating objects in gtk
* Return an empty list when a NULL GList and GSList is returned
* fix NULL array unit tests and fix crasher when sending None as an array
* don't error out on methods with callbacks as return type
* reset sys.argv to the return value of Gtk.init_check
* add GtkUIManager and GtkActionGroup overrides

Steve Frécinaux (1)

* Fix warning in configure.

Tomeu Vizoso (12)

* Pre-release version bump 0.6.0
* Wrap C arrays in structs as GArrays before converting to Python
* Install pre-commit hook that checks the code changes for style conformance
* Apply consistent whitespace formatting with:
* Prepend gi.repository to the __module__ attribute of wrapper classes.
* Correctly identify at creation time:
* Dont complain if another base has implemented the method
* Improve handling of subclasses without __gtype_name__
* Add support for out args in callbacks
* Add support for GArray args
* GTypeInterface cannot be unrefed
* If None is passed to an interface which takes an object, convert it to NULL


Anonymous said...

Hi, congratulations on the release.

Have you considered putting together a Launchpad PPA to make it easy for people to keep up-to-date with PyGI? Other projects (GStreamer and many others) have done this quite successfully, and it could help speed up PyGI adoption before the next round of distro releases in 6 months time.

Other than that, keep up the great work!

Tomeu Vizoso said...


Thanks for the kind words, Robert Ancell has started packaging it for Ubuntu and I hope it will get into Maverick soon:

About a PPA, maybe the telepathy PPA will include PyGI as well?

We need a lot of help at the distro level, so everybody is welcome onboard!