Thursday, August 24, 2023

Etnaviv NPU update 5: Harder convolutions!


Managed to squeeze some time between holidaying to hack on the NPU driver and got something out of it.

Since the last update I have:

  • implemented support for strided convolutions with more than one input channel, and
  • Implemented support for more than one output channel, but for now only for a single input channel.

Next steps are  to support convolutions with multiple input and output channels, and padding. Then see what is still missing so we can run MobileNet v1 and check the performance when using the NN units and doing the rest on the CPU.

As a reminder, I'm pushing all the code to this branch:

IRC channel

A bunch of us have started to gather in the #ml-mainline IRC channel in OFTC to disucss matters about doing accelerated ML with mainline, on embedded.

For those of you that may not have a IRC bouncer setup yet, you can easily join with the web chat UI, but in case others aren't in front of the keyboard when you type your question, I recommend using with the Matrix IRC bridge:

Embedded recipes

I have been invited to give a talk about all this ML with mainline effort at Embedded Recipes 2023, Paris 28-29 September. Slides and a recording will be published after the conference ends.


Last but not least, if I am able to invest so much effort on this is because the folks at LibreComputer have been supporting me financially this last couple of months.

Thanks to Da Xue for his support, it is greatly appreciated! It is awesome to see SBC vendors investing in the Linux upstream ecosystem.

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