Thursday, August 2, 2012

Touch events within Xephyr

As part of my ongoing work on multi-touch, I have been looking at handling touch gestures within Mutter plugins. Developing a X window manager/shell can be quite a hassle because you are likely to want to do that in a separate X display so your testing doesn't disturb the session where you do the actual coding.

In the past I have used Xephyr to run a nested X display so I can run the window manager as I would run any normal application, but this time I found that Xephyr doesn't forward any XInput2 events right now, which is needed for MT. Having a separate machine where to test is an alternative but it has been quite uncomfortable.

My colleague at Collabora Daniel Stone encouraged me to give it a try and it indeed didn't take much work to get something running, though I still haven't tested it much.

So for the code, here is the Xephyr repo:

And here the Mutter repo:

Remember that these are early proof-of-concepts, but if you give it a try and want to give feedback, it will be welcome.

As usual, thanks to my employee Collabora for sponsoring this work and letting me share it.

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