Wednesday, August 24, 2011

GObject Introspection hackfest in Berlin

A quick (and late!) recollection of what happened in Berlin during the GObject Introspection hackfest:
  • Red Hat's John (J5) Palmieri worked on new releases of PyGObject and on the documentation generators.
  • Prezi's Laszlo Pandy worked mainly in resurrecting Zach Goldberg's DocBook generator, merging it into master and adding important stuff to it such as description parsing and class hierarchy rendering.
  • Red Hat's Colin Walters reviewed code, gave input on people's direction and answered thousands of questions.
  • Syllogist's Shaun McCance added features to Mallard to match gtk-doc and worked on the DocBook and mallard generators.
  • Volunteer Torsten Schönfeld worked on improvements in gobject-introspection that are needed by his Perl bindings but that will benefit other bindings as well.
  • Canonical's Martin Pitt worked on server-side GDBus support in PyGObject and some improvements trickled to gobject-introspection.
  • Igalia's Guillaume Emont worked on adding default values to typelibs, #558620.
  • Codethink's Richard Dale worked on GObject-Consume, making it much easier to consume GObject-based APIs from Qt.
  • KDE volunteer Arno Rehn worked along with Richard on GObject-Consume.
  • Volunteer Johan Dahlin, as one of the maintainers, also supported all others, added missing information to the .gir files and hacked on the DocBook generator.
  • OLPC's Simon Schampijer worked on porting Sugar to use introspection instead of the static bindings.
  • Volunteer Pavel Holejsovsky couldn't be with us in Berlin but hacked along in #introspection adding stuff to gobject-introspection that his advanced Lua bindings were already needing.
  • Collabora's Tomeu Vizoso worked on the documentation generators and on the train back home rebased them to use Mako templates.
Nemein's Piotr Pokora and Nokia's Ivan Frade couldn't join us at the end because of unexpected obligations but we look forward to their contributions in the future.

Travel and lodging has been sponsored by the GNOME Foundation:

Openismus hosted us at their office when the Summit was over:

Nemein invited us to a delicious fondue dinner:

And Collabora treated us to tasty Ethiopian food and flooded us in beer afterwards:

Big thanks to those companies that sent their hackers, to the volunteers that devoted their time and talent, and to the sponsors for their support.

To close, I think this was a hackfest filled with fun and that we made good progress on the stated goals, most importantly having expanded the set of people that hack on gobject-introspection.

There were constant signs of appreciation towards Berlin, its food, beer, people and bike infrastructure. Looking forward for the next one!


Laszlo Pandy said...

Prezi's Laszlo Pandy.

Simon Schampijer said...

Thanks for organizing this great event!