Monday, February 15, 2010

Free love

A fan of free software sent this greeting yesterday to me, addressed to the Sugar community and to other free software projects:
free software foundation suggests people send valentine's greetings to free software developers. i could be wrong, but i think it's a great idea. i don't get many excuses to bother devs with thank yous.

i'm not only a huge fan of sugar. i have sugar to thank for helping introduce me to all of these: linux-libre (via trisquel-con-sugar) trisquel, python, gnewsense. i tried trisquel because it included sugar, i learned python because of pippy. after 25 years of coding in basic, python is probably my favorite language.

i know sugar is developed for kids and that's great. i learned basic as a kid, and i believe very strongly in pippy and i think turtleart is absolutely ingenious.

i know i have (a) team(s) to thank, but in the interest of not making spam filters angry and retributive i'm just sending this valentine to you. maybe you'll share it? thanks everyone.

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Simon Schampijer said...

That is great - and a wonderful way of contributing to a project, too. Things like this keeps you going. Thanks for sharing.