Friday, January 15, 2010

Producing Open Source Software by Karl Fogel

Finally finished reading Producing Open Source Software from cover to cover. I found it very well written and full of stuff relevant to any FOSS contributor. I was surprised as I read how about 90% of the content matched what I had learnt by practice during the last 3 years. I'm very grateful to Marco Pesenti Gritti who passed all this knowledge to the Sugar team.

Anybody has had any experience giving this book for reading to people who still had no knowledge of FOSS?


Juanjo MarĂ­n said...

I downloaded this book long time ago but I never had the time to read it. It's good to find positive reviews for it. It encourages me to read it soon !

Mel said...

Yep - we gave signed copies to all the participants from the first POSSE. They were a hit - it's a fantastic book.

Dread Knight said...

Great book, I've read most of it a long time ago and I pretty much agreed with the stuff he was saying in there, which even If I knew before most of it, it's still great because it hardens my belief in my knowledge/opinions so to say; it's like hearing what you wanna hear, which some people need from time to time.