Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A blog's birth

Sugar's marketing team wants us Sugar developers to blog, so I thought I may be able to get something in exchange if I acted fast. And that's how Greg has agreed on taking XoIRC maintenance and releasing some patches I had floating around.

So expect some noise about SugarLabs here, at least for as long as I manage to get people from the marketing team to do stuff I actually care about ;)


Walter Bender said...

Great that there is another voice to be heard. If you are ever lacking of things to write, I'd like to hear about your experience shepherding the Laberynth project along. It is an interesting example of interaction between a developer and those aspiring to become developers.


Walter Bender said...


Seems that the name used in the email threads is not the same as the name of the actual .xo bundle.

Tomeu Vizoso said...

Yup, plan to write here about Labyrinth, hopefully also in Spanish.